Advanced Herd Bullbars is a market leader in the design and supply of FUPS/FUPD bullbars with over 120 various styles available today for an increasingly wide range of models including DAF, Freightliner, HINO, Isuzu, International, IVECO, KENWORTH, MACK, MAN, Mercedes Benz, FUSO, Sterling, SCANIA, VOLVO, UD and Western Star. FUPD compliance Bullbars is our minimal performance expectation – it is how our bullbars perform on a truck (e.g. hits a cow) that differentiates Advanced Herd Bullbar products. TEST

We specialize in producing Heavy Duty bullbars and bumpers for the Heavy Duty Truck bullbar market.

Designs are predominantly FUPD compliant to meet varying market demands:
• Mandatory for 26M B Double applications.
• Increase payloads over the front axle – in this case the returns will generally pay for the FUPD bullbar over the first 12 months.
• The heavy duty construction of our Bullbars will most likely save the bullbar price the first time you hit a kangaroo –customers’ feedback with our bullbar “doing its job” indicate that they continue to operate - It saves an average three weeks off road plus the up front insurance excess not to mention the business inconvenience.
• Should you require additional protection contact us regarding extra heavy duty bullbars for your truck fleet.
• In-house FUPD testing with external verification and certification of all FUPD and FUPS compatible bullbars and bumpers. Compliance plates are fitted to all FUPD and FUPS Compatible products as required by legislation.

We offer a 100% guarantee that our FUPD Bullbars and bumpers conform to test criteria outlined in UN ECE R93 and ADR84.


Advanced Herd Bullbars